Metal & Acrylic Series

ML-3 Fabricated Cut-Out Face w/Insert


ML-3 Fabricated Cut-Out face with Insert provides the fabricated metal letter with standard brushed, polished, or painted finish. And it is suitable for small to large sized signs with stand-off or flush mount installation.

Compact Build

ML-3 can be constructed with a minimum height of 4", and a minimum stroke width of 0.4".

Specifications & Options:

Face Returns Back
Inserted Acrylic or Metal Stainless Steel (brushed, polished or painted) No Back or Painted Stainless Steel


Min. Height 4” (100 mm)
Max. Height 48” (1200 mm)
Min. Width 4” (100 mm)
Max. Width 48” (1200 mm)
Min. Depth 1” (25 mm)
Min. Stroke 0.4” (10 mm)