Channel Series

LCL-1 Face-Lit


LCL-1 Face-Lit provides this letter type in many different font and color combinations, and it is suitable for middle or large sized signs with either raceway or standoff-mounted installation.

Compact Build

LCL-1 can be constructed with a minimum height of 8”, and a minimum stroke width of 1.5”.

Perfect Lighting Solution

Because letter or logo face is utilized as a lighting medium, a uniform and exceptionally bright illumination is achieved.

Specifications & Options:

Face Returns Back Light
Illuminated Acrylic or Translucent Vinyl Sticker on Acrylic with Trimcap Prefinished Aluminum (White or Black) Aluminum W/R/Y/G/B


Size: Inch MM
Height 8”-60“ 200-1500 mm
Width 8”-60“ 200-1500 mm
Depth 5” 38 mm
Min. Stroke 1.5” 38 mm