Acrylic Series

IP-12 Embedded LED Acrylic


IP-12 LED Embedded Acrylic offers the unique elegant illumination with illuminated acrylic body. The perfect effect is achieved with flush-mount or stand-off mount installation.

Compact Build

IP-12 can be constructed with a minimum depth of 0.78" and a minimum height of 3.15", and a minimum stroke width of 0.24".

Perfect Lighting Solution

Because the letter is fully utilized as a lighting medium, a uniform and exceptionally bright illumination is achieved. Our premier standard full LED displays will deliver a perfect advertising impact.

Specifications & Options:

Face Returns Back Light
Flat or Slight Bevel Partially Opaque Illuminated W/R/Y/G/B
Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic


Size: Inch MM
Height 3.15”-20“ 80-500 mm
Width 3.15”-20“ 80-500 mm
Min. Depth 0.78” 20 mm
Min. Stroke 0.24” 6 mm