Metal & Acrylic Series

IBS-1 Face-Lit Fabricated Blade


IBS-1 Face-Lit Fabricated Blade responds to the needs of fabricated for both metal and acrylic materials, internally illuminated blade signs. The illuminated perfect effect with the face of acrylic or routed out metal, with vinyl or UV print of graphic image, or push through letters of logo is achieved.

Perfect Lighting Solution

Because the letter or logo body is utilized as a lighting medium, a completely uniform and exceptionally bright illumination is achieved. Our premier standard full LED displays will deliver a perfect advertising impact.

Specifications & Options:

Face Returns Light
White acrylic with graphic image vinyl or UV print, or metal with push through acrylic, or routed metal with acrylic on its back Metal (Brushed, plated or painted) White/ Red/ Yellow/ Green/ Blue